Intuitive Energy Consultations


"Bee had a beautiful role in my shifting and I’m so greatly appreciative to her kind words, reminders and insight. I worked with her for intuitive readings that were very helpful in many moments of my waking up from in person session in Sedona, AZ to Skype sessions over a  few years. I work a lot more consciously with energy now in my own profession and still have so much to uncover but seeing her in action was very helpful in my own work with coaching, energy work, massage and  yoga. I know we don’t live in the world of the past where woman passed down their magic, wisdom, healing, recipes and self care rituals as routinely.  If you are looking for shared gifts I highly recommend  connecting with Bee. She comes from love. I’m excited watching this shift of feminine energy and abilities come back into the reality of so  many women. " http://Astarafire.com


Spiritual & Vocational Guidance

"My recent reading with Bee has provided me with deep insights into my life & catalyzed my return to the path of spiritual awakening. Not only is Bee highly intuitive, she is studied & experienced in a number of healing modalities."  Laz Strongheart

"Bee is a wonderful counselor and spirit. Her readings are sensitive  and honest. I have also utilized her writing services to assist with  marketing projects for the organization I work with." Eva


Energy Consults & Botánica Products

"Bee is full of wisdom & so are her products.  I buy her oils give them to my family & friends as gifts.  The chakra  oils are magical, I use them weekly.  She is the real deal & has helped me emotionally as well. I definitely recommend Bee for products  and readings." Kerri P