Distance Energy Healing Sessions


Distance Reiki Session

These  sessions are great for clearing a space as well as for energizing one’s  being with gentle healing light. Please email desertwindmagic@gmail.com to coordinate the specific date &  time distance healing is requested.

Distance Holy Fire Reiki Healing Session

Holy Fire Distance Reiki healing sessions can  be a catalyst for in-depth healing, so be prepared for this possibility. Also, having a few hours to ground & integrate  afterwards, & ideally a fairly free day to follow allows for a most  fulfilling experience. Holy Fire Distance Reiki healing sessions do include a FB video call or phone call during each session. 

Package Specials

Distance Reiki sessions are a half hour & $18 a session. If you prefer a package of five sessions, it is discounted $5. Holy Fire Distance Reiki healing sessions are $35 per hr. Holy Fire Reiki Healing sessions are discounted $5 for package of three sessions.

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Do I need to be present on the phone to receive a distance Reiki session? No. All  you would need to do is call or email to coordinate the best time for the distance Reiki to be sent to you. If however you schedule a distance Holy Fire Reiki Healing session, then we set up a time where we can meet for this either over the phone or FB video chat.