Intuitive Energy Consultation with Herbal & Gemstone Healing Tools


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This energy consultation is 30 minutes. During this time we discuss something in your life you would like to heal. We then explore helpful techniques  & the herbal based oils, bath teas, and gemstone remedies to best support this healing. The gemstones included vary from 3-4 palm size stones or 7-9 smaller stones for a body layout. One 4 oz jar of herbal bath tea with cloth, 1 intention oil, 1 beeswax votive candle, & herbal smudging tools custom selected for you from Bee's Botánica will be sent to you after the consult. 

Fulgurite Stones


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Set of 9 chakra body layout fulgurites (around 1 to 2.5 inches each.) This stone forms  instantly when lightning strikes the Earth’s sand particles. Placed on  the major energy centers and meridian points, Fulgurite helps to bring  balance to polarities. Order comes with  metaphysical description of the stone’s or stones’ properties.  *Currently, we also have raw Fulgurite stones that we have found of  various sizes, & the larger body layouts are available for $22. Please contact us to request these.

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card