About Us

Bee Falcon, Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner


  • Purpose:   The purpose that breathed life into Desert Wind Magic back in 2013, &  remains true today is to provide a safe, loving, healing-educational atmosphere that facilitates energetic balance multi-dimensional awareness, and a healthy expression of core personal truths.  My intent continues to be to provide a basic spiritual-mental-emotional-physical balancing  service that helps people to feel grounded, empowered, and able to navigate personal life  & world changes with clarity in a way that is natural to one’s own rhythms.
  • Background & Education:  Since childhood, I have felt deeply attuned to and fascinated with consciousness beyond the physical and mundane world. I have a Master’s degree in Anthropology, and have also concentrated on Comparative Religion,  Linguistics, Psychology, and Consciousness. My academic studies are just 'the icing on the cake,' though. In 2005, my interest in natural healing initiated during informal training in Mexican folk medicine, the herbal curanderismo practiced by my first husband, Eduardo & his maternal family. Over the last seven and a half years, I have also learned from and received exceptional guidance from curanderas & medicine people of the Southwest, in addition to receiving mentoring from medicine people of the Northeastern US,  Europe, and West African prayer and healing traditions. Each of these mentors have further encouraged me to heal my life & to facilitate healing for others with prayer &  with gratitude for the many healing powers of this sacred Earth. If interested, you are welcome to contact me about these mentors, as I am happy to refer you to them if appropriate. At present I am updating website, & hope to name some names real soon. 

Bee's Background (Continued)


  • Family Background: My initiation into the spiritual dimensions came early on through my family’s focus on the importance of spiritual life, the curative powers of prayer,  & the stories of a soul.  My family's ethnic background is Irish, English, Scottish, & German on my mom's side & Native American, Spanish, & Mexican on my dad's side. My great-aunt Amelia on my paternal side wasn't called a curandera; though in my eyes she was because she was a holy person in her manner of being &  in the way her dedicated daily devotions carried the rhythms of an oracionista & espiritualista, curandero/as who heal with spiritual guidance, scriptures, and the sacred power of words.
  • Work Experience: This includes professional  intuitive healing facilitation for seven years, behavioral health advocacy over the past twenty years, and teaching over the past thirteen years. This combined experience has given me a deep appreciation for the infinite wisdom that resides in the body and soul of each person.
  • Personal practice:   To connect with higher guidance in my own life and to be present and  clear for those I work for, I have practiced yoga and meditation daily since 2012, though I began to rely regularly on Kundalini yogic meditations for well-being since 2009. I became certified as an Usui|Holy Fire II Reiki Master, in December 2016 at Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in Sedona, AZ. Since February of 2015, I have practiced Reiki daily for its subtle yet remarkable healing & psychic protection benefits. Prayer, energetic cleansing in the Meso-American traditions, meditation, & Reiki are essential to my daily practice in that they allow me to align with the sacred rhythms of the natural world to feel centered, balanced, & well.  

David Owl Martin, Reiki & Bodywork Practitioner


  • Brief Bio: When not cracking reluctant laughs out of people & waking us out of mind trances, David is passionate about picking up litter on hikes, cooking, growing food, & building dwellings. He also sews, offers emergency energy work, & fixes things that nobody else wants to touch with a ten-foot-pole.  David connects & communicates with trees, gives polarity balancing bodywork, Reiki, & energetic limpias to family & friends.  David also uses his artistic abilities to fashion Fulgurite natural glass that he finds on nature hikes, into beads, pendulums, & wands.