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Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

Intuitive Energy Consultation


  • This authentic intuitive consultation includes an assessment of the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual patterns in a person’s energy field. You will  be guided to connect with your higher self & receive multidimensional truths pertaining to your life’s major areas. The purpose of these consultations are to A) help you facilitate a whole sense of spiritual, mental-emotional, & physical balance, & B) to better realize creative response-ability & inner guidance authentic to your core truths.  Intuitive Energy Consultations can be provided in-person, via phone, or Facebook video chat. 

Energy Healing Session


  • A  Desert Wind Magic Energy Healing is custom to each recipient. After we consult over the phone or via email, this session may include a traditional limpia (aka  cleansing of body, mind, & spirit with herbs, egg, and sound,) aura-clearing & releasing of unwanted energy patterns, hands-on bodywork or distance healing, restorative breath work, toning. A crystal healing & gentle Reiki treatment can also be included at the end of this session.

Life’s Direction & Purpose Spiritual Guidance Session


  • This intuitive counseling session is guided for you to reflect & heal through the power & sound of your voice & personal narrative. This session is provided in-person only, in which you also receive support from the sacred directions, your own subtle bodies’ wisdom, and crystals to reflect, heal, & crystallize intent.  

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