Metaphysical Tools for Transformation (Oils, Herbs, & Oracle Cards)

Oils for Aromatherapy, Energy Clearing, Healing, & to Support Intent

OilsAll oils are Reiki-infused. Each oil comes with description of metaphysical healing properties & corresponding information to support your healing intents. 

*Not to be used as a substitute for medical intervention. **Not to be ingested. ***S& H does not increase if ordering more than one item as long as the items ordered all fit in small Priority shipping box.

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Calendula Oil

For Peace, Prosperity, & Protection

Invites joy & ease in relationships. Helps to purify & raise vibrations. Protects from gossip. Aids business affairs & legal matters. Connects with ancestral spirits. Nurtures clairvoyant dreams. Made from wild Sonoran Desert Calendula herbs, organic Sunflower & organic Coconut oils.  Do not ingest. Curio only. Reiki infused. 1 dram is 4.00 plus S & H. To order, please contact


Drawing OilGrounding Oil  strengthens intimacy & relaxation, fosters soul journeying into the Akashic realm to get to root causes of an issue, connects with ancestral/soul guidance, & balances personal energies with Earth energies. Stillness of mind is most helpful when working with this oil, in order to support healing, grounding, & clarity of intent. Includes Almond oil, Amber & Patchouli essential oils, Patchouli root, Cloves, Rose of Jericho, & Vetiver herbs , healing powders, & gemstone essences that hold protective & grounding qualities. Use for meditation, aromatherapy, massage, to sweep over aura, add a few drops to a bath, dress a candle or other object, or place directly on body. Curio only. *Not to be ingested. Prayers: “I am the mind & the seeker, & the rest of the sojourner, I am the knowledge of my inquiry” – The Thunder: Perfect Mind, Psalm 23: 1-3

1 dram is 4.00 & 2 dram is 8.00  + 8.00 S & H. Please contact to order


Lavender Oil

For Comfort, Stress Relief, & Spirit Communication

Can relieve tension headaches or migraines. Promotes health, longevity, & sleep. Supports healthy home. Energizes creative intuition. Connects to spirit world for healing. Aids clairvoyance in divination. Made from organic lavender, lavender oil, & organic walnut oil. Reiki infused. *Not to be ingested. 1 dram is 4.00 plus 8.00 S & H. To order, please contact


Psychic Protection & Purification Oil
California Sage essential oil,  & an almond oil base. Corresponds to the Sun & the Earth element. Combined with pure intent, this oil can be helpful for cleansing, releasing old patterns &/or vows from previous lifetimes, removing obstacles, transmuting negative energies, & overcoming bad habits. Promotes family happiness, harmony at home, & can further abundance on material plane if we’re willing to work w/ integrity. Reiki infused. Do not ingest. 1 dram is 4.00 plus 8.00 S & H. To order, please contact



rose-geranium-garnet-infused-oilRose Geranium & Garnet infused Oil for Vitality Oil for love, passion, and courage. Strengthens life force energy & connection to Earth. Promotes seeing one’s body as sacred vehicle for spirit. Encourages anchoring with Earth energies & planetary healing. Aids in recognizing abundance in all areas of life. Helps to settle disputes. Fosters kindness & friendship.

*Almond oil base, rose geranium oil, garnet-infused almond-based oil, red rose & pink geranium flowers, & rose of Jericho herb. Reiki infused. Do not ingest.
**Oil comes with one small garnet & a copy of above description. 1 dram is 4.00 plus 8.00 S & H. Please contact to order.




Abre Camino OilAbre Camino Oil is a potent oil that helps to “opens roads” to the most appropriate path. It can also help to find an outlet if feeling “trapped” or stuck in a situation. This oil works best after doing any needed releasing work, & it can aid in removing obstacles & in manifesting desired changes in one’s life. Includes almond oil, ginger, lemon grass, abre camino, and other healing herbs that purify one’s sense of courage and restore natural creative powers. Use for meditation, aromatherapy, massage, to sweep over aura, add a few drops to a bath, dress a candle or other object, or place directly on body. Curio only.*Not to be ingested. Psalm 23:3 & Psalm 119:105

1 dram 6.50  + $8.00 S & H. Please contact to order.

Abre Camino Oil




Healing & Balancing Herbal Bath Teas

Bee’s bath teas energetically cool or warm to treat opposite conditions. Bee’s bath teas can also be used for new or full moon cleansing & healing rituals or simply for easing muscle tension & stress. Reiki infused.

These teas can be used to prepare for rituals or simply to promote well-being throughout your body, mind, & soul. These mixes are a combination of herbs I have wild-crafted, grown, and chosen from the best botanicas. Each herbal bath tea package comes with 2 3×3 bags of herbal mixture, a cloth bag for steeping in bath water, & description of the herb mix’s metaphysical properties. *Not to be ingested or used as a substitute for medical intervention. $5.00 + $4.00 S & H–Contact to order


 “Tranquila Niña” Herbal Bath Tea

Clears hot energies. Helps to bring calming and healing relief to the compassionate body. Includes Yerba Santa, Yarrow, Pine, Dandelion, Rose, Lavender, & other healing herbs beneficial for moving past energetic blockages linked to sorrow or sense of separation. Good remedy for “hot” conditions. *not to be ingested.



Prosperity Drawing Herbal Bath Tea

Draws luck, prosperity, peace & protection to home & business. Strengthens intimacy. Includes Patchouli, Sage, Calendula, Cloves, Rose of Jericho, Vetiver & other herbs that hold protective & prosperous properties. Good remedy for “cold” conditions. As a floor wash, can be used to clear energies from a room. *Use floor wash within 7 days for best effect. **not to be ingested.



DWM Energizing & Invigorating Bath Tea Energetic Well-being Herbal Bath Tea

Helps to lift “damp” or weakened energies, & raises spirits. This herbal bath mix is great for courage, stamina, and it strengthens the energy centers connected to personal power & creativity. Includes Calendula, Sage, Rose, Oregano, & other “hot” herbs to charge the energy system with courage & passion. Good remedy for lethargic & “cold” conditions.  *not to be ingested.




Wisdom of Mary Magdalene Oracle Cards Deck by Sharon Hooper

Wisdom of Mary Magdalene CardsCreated by Sharon Hooper & illustrated by Susun Lovit. These well-researched cards demonstrate integrity in the life-purpose & vocational coaching techniques presented, & invaluable divine feminine insight for those who work with them. The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene Oracle cards deck highlight Sharon & Richard Hooper’s research into the scriptures & wisdom of the Gnostic Gospels. Contact to order.

$18.00 plus $ 4.50 S & H