Flower of Life Panel

Initial Consultations are $35.00 

Note: the initial consult is not a requirement. However, it does provide deeper insight into your personal healing goals. It does include the intuitive energy consultation, though with an interview prior that can lend an additional sense of empowerment, planning, and direction to support your healing journey. Initial consultations via phone, FB video conference, Skype, or FaceTime usually last between an hour to 90 minutes. Contact desertwindmagic@gmail.com to schedule.

March 2018 Special: Long distance Holy Fire Reiki Healing sessions & 60 minute sessions for month of March are only $35 an hour. Rates will go back to what is listed below in April 2018. Packages are available for Distance Reiki or in-person Reiki Healing sessions as well. Holy Fire Reiki Healing can be a catalyst for deep healing, so be prepared for this possibility. Also, having a few hours to ground & integrate afterwards, & ideally a fairly free day to follow allows for a most fulfilling experience.

For scheduling, please contact Bee at desertwindmagic@gmail.com or FB message @desertwindmagic


Following initial consults & sessions with special rates, normal rates are as follows:

$40 for 30 minutes

$72 for 60 minutes

$108 for 90 minutes

$135 for 2 hours



Please contact desertwindmagic@gmail.com for inquiries.

 Se habla español.




For questions or to schedule send an email to desertwindmagic@gmail.com Thank you! I will get back to you promptly.

**Flower of Life panel created by artist Susun Lovitt. See Desert Wind Magic online store to order.