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Welcome to Desert Wind Magic.com! This is the place where you can schedule energy healing sessions, intuitive consultations, Reiki training, and group meditations with me, Bee Falcon. I am an intuitive interactive storyteller who specializes in the power of language, myth, prayer, & sound for healing. Please also visit the online store through this site for tools for inner transformation, natural herbal oils, & gemstone remedies to support your healing intents.

(Scroll down to see photos & info on Susun Lovitt, artist & David Owl, artisan, whose work is also featured in Desert Wind Magic online store)

Purpose:   My purpose that initiated Desert Wind Magic.com back in 2013, & remains today is to provide a safe, loving, healing- educational atmosphere that facilitates energetic balance, meditation, multi-dimensional awareness, and a healthy expression of  personal truths.  My mission continues to be to provide a basic spiritual-mental-emotional-physical balancing  service that helps people to feel grounded, empowered, and able to navigate personal life & world changes with clarity in a way that is natural to one’s own rhythms.

What to Expect in a Session: The healing services I offer emphasize the importance of acceptance, love, and trust of one’s self. During the sessions, the influences impacting the reality one is creating become illuminated. Often guidance from soul impressions , past life or soul memory information unfold since the healing sessions I offer are attuned to the Akashic realm. The perspective from the Akashic wisdom that Spirit allows to flow through can show hidden strengths & also can open up awareness to energetic blocks or manifestations of energy patterns that are no longer helpful. Sessions can include an aura-clearing & ceremonial intention-setting that are supported by Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki. Each appointment is guided to energize & support your life force, expression of creativity, & whole health in optimal ways. It is my goal that the insight you receive from one session will reveal inherent strengths & tools within you for your own personal healing work and/or practice for time to come.

Personal practice:  To connect with higher guidance in my own life and to be present and clear for those I work for, I have practiced yoga and meditation daily for years. I became certified as an Usui|Holy Fire II Reiki Master, in December 2016. Since February of 2015, I have practiced Reiki daily for its subtle yet remarkable healing & psychic protection benefits. In addition, I have engaged in Kundalini yogic exercise since 2008. Prayer, yogic Sādhanā, meditation, & Reiki are essential to my daily practice in that they allow me to align with the sacred rhythms of the natural world to feel centered, balanced, & well.

Background & Education:  Since childhood, I have felt deeply attuned to and fascinated with consciousness beyond the physical and mundane world. I have a Master’s in Anthropology, and have also concentrated on Comparative Religion, Linguistics, Psychology, and Consciousness in my research. In 2005, my interest in natural healing initiated during informal training in Mexican folk medicine with curanderos, medicine people of Mexico. I have also received guidance from medicine people of the Southwestern & the Northeastern US and from Europe who have further encouraged me to heal my life & to facilitate healing for others with prayer & with gratitude for the healing powers of the land.  My real initiation into spiritual life came early on through my family’s focus on the importance of spiritual growth, the curative powers of prayer, & the stories of a soul.  Work experience includes professional intuitive healing facilitation for over six years, behavioral health experience over the past fifteen years, and teaching over the past twelve years. This combined experience has given me a deep appreciation for the infinite wisdom that resides in the body and soul of each person. Gratitude & Blessings~

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*Please note, as of November 2016: Individual sessions are now  $35 for initial consultation. Please contact desertwindmagic@gmail.com to inquire. I will get back to you promptly.


David Owl – Craftsman, Artisan,  Cosmic Wiseguy (no, not the mafia kind…) & Powerhouse Reiki Practitioner

DavidWhen not cracking laughs out of people, picking up litter on a hike, cooking, gardening, building, sewing, doing emergency energy work, or fixing things that nobody else wants to touch with a ten-foot-pole, David uses his creative abilities to fashion Fulgurite natural glass, that we find on nature hikes, into beads and wands. He makes the Fulturite & Phantom Quartz wands &  the Fulgurite & Selenite bead pendants for Desert Wind Magic online store & outside vendors.


Susun Lovitt – Sedona Transformative Healing Artist & Yogini

Susun in her Studio w: JesseSusun is a naturalist, medicinal herbalist, and healing mentor as well as an artist. She creates beautiful, contemplative art that honors the language of nature, deepens meditation, & fosters spiritual awakening. Here she is with her infamous Buddha dog, Jesse.

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  1. B is a wonderful counselor and spirit. Her readings are sensitive and honest. I have also utilized her writing services to assist with marketing projects for the organization I work with.

  2. B is a true listener; she puts her clients’ needs first. She’s been a mentor who has guided me in my own business approach. I highly recommend a reading with B!

  3. Bee is full of wisdom & so are her products. I buy her products, give them to my family & friends as gifts. The chakra oils are magical, I use them weekly. She is the real deal & has helped me emotionally as well. I definitely recommend Bee for products and readings.

  4. Bee had a beautiful role in my shifting and I’m so greatly appreciative to her kind words, reminders and insight. I worked with her for intuitive readings that were very helpful in many moments of my waking up from in person session in Sedona, AZ to Skype sessions over a few years. I work a lot more consciously with energy now in my own profession and still have so much to uncover but seeing her in action was very helpful in my own work with coaching, energy work, massage and yoga.
    I know we don’t live in the world of the past where woman passed down there magic, wisdom, healing, recipes and self care rituals as routinely. If you are looking for shared gifts I highly recommend connecting with Bee. She comes from love. I’m excited watching this shift of feminine energy and abilities come back into the reality of so many women. http://Astarafire.com

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