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New Moon in Gemini: 
What is your Shadow Dance of Light & Dark? I’ll tell you mine!

(Mystic Merlinite Stone aka Indigo Gabbro shown in photo)

Scrying or meditating with the Mystic Merlinite stone can stimulate awareness of polarities & of our own shadow sides. After gazing at this stone for a meditation, I was able to sense some of the conundrums I’ve been experiencing through a new perception.

These days I have been traveling often three times a month around the Southwest for work & study. In my old desire to find a place to become rooted to and live sustainably there, it seems I have created the opposite. This finds me oft frustrated & ill equipped in my immunity to keep up with the currents of spontaneous circumstances (which are many when one lives like a nomad.)

In looking at my shadow side through the Mystic Merlinite stone these couple days before the new moon in Gemini, I find my focus is scattered, not having quite reached the path of steadiness of a sturdier time, sense of community, or place where the song of my soul simply longs. Though there is, like the Mystic Merlinite stone, a gleam in this after all. In many ways I seek the peaceable traditions that the soul recalls, & feel that as grueling as it can be, that without this search, I wouldn’t be able to piece together what it is for me that stirs the glimmering dance of passion to love this life. This calling of the soul is what has guided me into the paths of ancestors to see the good, the bad, & the in between of their ways; and what perhaps can be applied to live the dream of this day. These things give me a sense of gratitude. Ironically, too, being able to see my self in an uprooted pattern has allowed me to find & appreciate a home within what good exists in my life; within my work through the sacred rhythm demanded of it; & within a strong and compassionate partnership. And this is just the light of it…

My mind is often like this stone— black & white, somewhat heavy, jagged, & foreboding. A mind within many minds that actively attaches to concrete things & fertile with thoughts that abstract from more organic experiences with monetary worries, ideas of perfection, & comparison. Although I don’t claim to see any real resolution to these mental winds at present, the reflection on these shadows with the stone’s meditation helps me to see where I can hope to grow to be in balance with self, with the power of the word, & the way this affects thinking patterns and relationships in these times that seek balance on so many dimensions.

Mystic Merlinite, like the mind, appears ripe with chaos beckoning a dream on the horizon where peace within the storms of time & language reside; where the sweet nurturance of life hides.

© 2018, Bee Falcon, Desert Wind Magic


Does Reiki Support Healthy Breathing Practices?

Yes, working with Reiki does help to circulate prana. Attention to an area with the laying on of hands in the gentle manner of Reiki can increase circulation & stimulate the flow of prana throughout the body’s meridians. You can activate awareness of prana in your body with the intent to heal through the chakra system (Sherwood 2005.) In addition, work with the chakra system can be initiated by bringing attention to the palms when in Gassho aka prayer mudra meditation. *Gassho meditation is the first of the “three pillars of Reiki” (Rand 2011.)

Reiki has at least some of its roots in esoteric Tantric Buddhism (Usui – Petter 2011, Fifth edition) which includes practices of pranayam. An expanded sense of breath is inextricably connected to a Reiki healing. How might this work? Reiki touch brings our awareness to where there may be a stricture, or limited breath in the body. The energy sent by placing our healing hands in or around this area, helps to revitalize & create healthier breathing patterns there. Healthy pranic flow can also result from a Reiki practitioner sending Reiki mentally or visually to a recipient during a distance energy healing session.

When we deepen in our Reiki attention, we can also sense a pervasive energetic balancing of polarity within the body. In many types of yoga, Prana is described as breath of life, pure life force energy free of agendas & stories aka karma. Sounds similar to Reiki, no? In fact Frank Arjava Petter explains Reiki is a Japanese term to describe the energy others call Prana in India (2011: 22.) Keith Sherwood explains thoroughly in his book, Chakra Healing & Karmic Awareness, how aprana, prana’s feminine counterpart, helps to eliminate toxins & unwanted energies. The aprana connects to the region of the spleenic chakras, (spleen on left side, & “upper spleenic” on opposite right side of spleen.) When there is a steady flow of breath in the spleenic region, this can engender whole breath or yogic breath (Sherwood 2005.) This complete breath starts with the abdomen which supports breath in the mid and upper regions of the body.

Sherwood states on page 212 of Chakra Healing & Karmic Awareness “When aprana unites with prana, the life force, we are told that the spirit will be centered in the heart.” Gassho meditation allows for an embodied awareness of our heart chakra’s input & energy flow. Gassho mudra is often a good starting place to get a sense of where our breath may be out of balance in the body. This then prompts or guides our Reiki hands to the area in need of treatment (3-30 min— whatever is needed.) This practice of pranic awareness through Reiki (Gassho) meditation offers a sense of ease & opens up space, allowing the aura to expand. With the aura’s expansion, the practitioner and/or recipient can feel a sense of being enveloped in a loving boundary; therein creating a steady flow of prana for healing throughout one’s energy field.
© 2018, Bee Falcon, Desert Wind Magic

The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Mikao Usui & Frank Arjava . Lotus Press – Shangri-La, Petter 2011, Fifth edition

Chakra Healing & Karmic Awareness, Keith Sherwood, Llewellyn, 2005

Reiki, The Healing Touch: First & Second Degree Manual, William Lee Rand, Vision Publications, 2011


January 24th, 2018

Source energy exists within us & without us; we find it in the Sun of our solar system, the Grand Central Sun of our galaxy, & within the core of the Earth Star. This “Inner Sun” also exists within our solar plexus regions. When functioning in harmony with the flow of the Universe, this “Inner Sun” connects us to the Source of all creation. When we relax into stillness by eliminating external distractions & going inward, Source can purify what needs clearing, permit us to slow down & just be, & it can also invigorate us with the necessary energy to complete challenging tasks. It is limitless!

5-10 minute Exercise for Tuning into Source:

Sit straight, either in a chair, in easy pose, or with sit bones resting on backs of feet in kneeling posture. Tune inward to the natural flow of your breath. Thank Creator & the Source of creation with your own words, prayer, or a traditional mantra. Acknowledgement brings one to a high vibration in resonance with gratitude. Bring your hands to rest on lap in Buddha mudra (left hand may rest in right or right hand may rest in left with thumb tips touching.) Notice how you are guided, to rest left in right or right in left, because this can reveal proper body alignment for you. Often we hear of the phrase “balancing polarity” or “bringing balance to polarity” in metaphysical discourse. This mudra helps to do that by aligning both hemispheres of the brain.

Tune into which side brings more balance to you. Please note, the left placed in right, actually reveals a more feminine, left side or right brained awareness, where as the right placed in left reveals more of a masculine, right side, or left brained awareness. Typically in tradtional yogic direction, women are guided to place left hand in right, & men are encouraged to place right hand in left. Some women may naturally feel guided to place right in left hand, & some men may feel more natural placing left in right hand. After you are done tuning in to the effects of where you are naturally guided to place your hands, switch your hands, & notice the effects on the body. Bring your hands back to the original placement if it gives you more balance for a minute. Afterwards, bring hands together in prayer or the “Gassho” hand position used in Reiki meditation. This mudra helps to deepen in awareness through breath for whole breathing at the heart, the energy center in the center of the upper & lower chakras. “Gassho” meditation is a relaxing & revitalizing way to reconnect with Source, & you can sit here for longer periods of time if it works for you. Gassho allows for energy to disperse throughout the front and the back of the body, whereas the Buddha mudra helps to allow energy to balance out on either side of the body. Both mudras are great for creating a balanced energy field around the aura. May the Source be with you! Blessed Be ~

© 2018, Bee Falcon, Desert Wind Magic


January 1st, 2018

What is the Intention of Desert Wind Magic for 2018?

My own spiritual practice, which is Desert Wind Magic, in essence (the business that takes up the majority of the website here, is only 1/8th of Desert Wind Magic, & at slower times 1/16th of it.)

The practice of Desert Wind Magic came to me & I arrived at its gateway simultaneously. When I was living in Sedona, working giving intuitive readings & energy healing sessions for tourists and locals, I would take hikes on the beautiful red rocks & meditate sometimes for hours, & often daily to prepare me to be clear enough to facilitate sacred work. These desert sojourns on the land took me back to Source, & through the often magical path of the Akashic realm, to the origins I needed to access. All this would occur when I would become still enough to receive the Earth’s guidance, along with the guidance of the Wind. The connection with the Wind, the Desert, & the Magic of the land combined during these hikes & during dreamtime events with the sacred Earth power of Sedona, that in truth, exists in many places here on Earth. This lovely combination of energies & awakening reverence for planetary elements & etheric wisdom guided me to name this practice Desert Wind Magic. I should too mention that the link to the Wind became especially strong for me as soon as I started the practice of pranayama techniques in 2011. These yogic breathing techniques have greatly shaped the Desert Wind Magic healing sessions & Reiki style of training I continue to offer today.

For me, Desert Wind Magic is one of many vehicles leading to Spirit and its emanations. Offering guidance from the subtle realms, Desert Wind Magic is embodied for me as a subtle, refined teacher who opens access to “the field of all that is” where all life and its myriad forms are recorded. Some might call this energy the Mother of Winds. In truth, the closest known corresponding energy to this guidance I have found within Desert Wind Magic, or the Mother of Winds, that I can think of would be from the Yoruba spiritual tradition. The Feminine Orisha Oya of the Yoruba tradition or her Catholic counterpart Saint Theresa of Avila, aka the Little Flower, embody this wisdom in feminine form. Both Feminine paths of Oya or Theresa of Avila offer the wisdom of arriving at stillness through the storm, enlightenment through understanding darkness, & joy through understanding sorrow. The practice of Desert Wind Magic aligns with the wisdom of these beings in that it offers energetic techniques that can address deeper issues in what I believe lend the gentle most manner to healing profound loss & pain with the objective to transform for the highest & best good. Yes, I have a lot of faith in what Desert Wind Magic can offer to the world, & I must in order to continue to put it out there.

Last year my intent for Desert Wind Magic was to better understand intentions I had for this practice. One was to incorporate Reiki training into this practice, & hence, much to my delight Desert Wind Magic Reiki Studies commenced. This year, in 2018, the intent I have for Desert Wind Magic is to bring techniques to others that will help heal, incorporate, &  align with joy & ecological/humanitarian efforts for planetary well-being. Have a blessed 2018 🙂

© 2018, Bee Falcon, Desert Wind Magic


November 30th, 2017

Desert Wind Magic Holiday Distance Reiki Special:
Go the Distance in Healing w/ Holy Fire II Reiki


This season, I am thrilled to offer Long Distance Reiki Healing sessions & packages. Reiki is a gentle though effective healing modality that works at the quantum energy level to heal an issue or a part of a person or situation that needs healing. Distance Healing Packages of two to five separate 1 hr sessions are beneficial, in that they allow for continuous healing, time to integrate & support long-term solutions. Healing packages will also grace you with the space for your true self to speak, review your personal narrative, & edit this if needed in your personal narrative for your true expression to unfold in a gentle loving way. This ultimately heals long-standing issues in the soul memory that span time & space.

Experience the transformative energy of Holy Fire Reiki Distance Healing sessions. Sometimes one 1-hr session is plenty; other times, scheduling follow-up sessions is most beneficial to get to root cause, release what is no longer needed, & to clear thoroughly. These distance healing sessions can be received by people who are unfamiliar with Reiki or by anyone with multiple Reiki attunements & placements. These healing experiences help to bring awareness to unwanted energy patterns, remove energy blockages, & can work on multiple levels of a person’s energy field. Bring intent for healing something in your life & to empower a goal. The Holy Fire Reiki Healing experience can be a catalyst for deep healing, so be prepared for this possibility. Having a few hours to ground & integrate afterwards, & ideally a fairly free day to follow allows for a most fulfilling experience.

It should be mentioned that I love this work so much because over the past nine years my vocational path has been focused in intuitive counseling with an emphasis on the power of personal language to create our realities. This combined with Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Healing experience allows for a wholesome experience of recognizing one’s own personal power & healing abilities.

Gift certificates are available, & package sessions can be ordered for more than one person at a very affordable rate. One 1-hr session is $35, & package sessions are discounted.

To schedule a distance Reiki healing session with Bee, contact or FB message Desert Wind Magic


November 29th, 2017

For the Love of Lavender!

Lavender is a wonderful herb for comfort, stress Relief, & strengthening spirit communication. Scott Cunningham, beloved magical practitioner of late & author of numerous Earth magic books, including “Magical Herbalism,”  associates lavender with the planet Mercury, & the element of Air. This herb is known for its benefits in promoting sleep, stress relief, and openness to mystical sensibilities. Steep dry lavender in a gentle carrier oil for 3-6 weeks for a lovely homemade lavender oil that helps to connect with lunar, feminine energies, the wind, & deepened intuition. This is also great for massage & to rub on temples.

Desert Wind Magic online store carries Reiki infused lavender oil crafted by Bee Falcon to help relieve tension headaches or migraines, to help strengthen clairvoyance, & clear the Ida meridian for receptivity & intuition. The walnut oil used as a carrier oil, helps to create psychic space in the mental/spiritual worlds, & also supports psychic protection intents. We also offer lovely lavender smudge sticks handcrafted by Taos Intuitive Liz Moon, that aid in offerings, clearing efforts, sensing spirits, & creating sacred space. Promotes health, longevity, & sleep. Supports healthy home. Energizes creative intuition. Connects to spirit world for healing. Aids  in divination. Made from organic lavender, lavender oil, & organic walnut oil.  To order, please visit: desertwindmagic/metaphysicaltoolsfortransformation or contact


October 7th, 2017

Smokey Quartz, Blue Kyanite, & Smokey Manifestation Quartz w/ Chlorite.

Some days when I’m feeling entrenched in energies from emfs, media, or lower base level emotions, a crystal grid meditation helps me to clear the air & do what can be done to elevate my own energies.

Both Smokey Quartz & Blue Kyanite aid in removal & transmuting of unwanted energies or attachments from the solar plexus & sacral regions (where we empaths often recieve much input.) These two gemstones also help to balance polarity between masculine & feminine energies, aid in meditation, & support grounding. Smokey Manifestation Quartz can assist us in tracing back to the roots or the chain of events to what may be causing discord in our intent settings. I.e., Manifestation Quartz can help to find where cross-talk within preventing manifestation or a sense of wholeness is sourced.)

The physical act of laying out the crystals with reverence creates a simple ritual to finding center that otherwise could take longer with more traditional or mentally guided meditative techniques.

Resources :

Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, 1995 (Updated) by Melody


September 30th, 2017 

Leaves that turn bright colors during the fall embody a bold spirit of surrender that carries with it a sense of grace as well. The week following the fall equinox can magnify within us changes in awareness on the physical, mental/emotional, & perhaps soul & spirit planes of consciousness. This particular seasonal transition on the planet is also marked by light and darkness striking a balance. What we invite, allow, block, & or resist in our lives can bring up stress or ease. These shifts however comforting or discomforting, beckon forth that which is within us looking to be released, or conversely, that which is seeking to expand to further awaken the dreams we hope to seed into being.

Disconnecting from distractions, allowing for quiet, & going inward can be a real treat. I find that this time of year is most honest for me; that the quieter & darker space fall fosters can be a real guide to the corridors of physical, ancestral, & spiritual wisdom.

In this autumnal space I am best able to sense the communication of the spiritual/ancestral realms. The spiritual guidance that comes through is practical too; it reveals what illuminates the soul & in turn how that contributes to & benefits the whole. A feeling of acceptance for All-that-is, with prayers of praise for what is unfolding, makes fall a magic time that aids in accessing hidden gems housed in the auric field. Here we can uncover what may aid us on our journies or realize what may need to be let go of in order to allow room for our truths & purpose to beam forth.

This fall I am delighted to offer Akashic Aura readings that focus on past life/aka soul memories & influences to uncover truths, illuminate purpose, & relationship dynamics for whole health & well-being. %10 of all session earnings will go to relief efforts in Pto Rico & Mexico during the month of October 2017. For scheduling inquiries, please contact





August 6th, 2017

 Plants guide us back to the Way

I gathered this yarrow in a Colorado forest 4 yrs back. It has come to be my favorite herb for cleansing & protection bath teas, in alleviating pain, & blocking harmful emr. Plants have been a gateway back into the world of prayer & intent since a friend & mentor, Cimi “B” led me to the Plant path six yrs ago. I am grateful to Cimi, and esp for the entrance back into “the Flow” plants offer. Whenever I feel burdened or that I’ve lost my footing in life, going out into the garden or going camping to “forest bathe” & gather helps to center & find the Way back to inner peace & contentment. This has guided me to true mentors & friends, mainly from the Plant kingdom. Growing & gathering them for remedies, tea, & food has become the heart & soul of keeping energy clear in the kitchen too, since the drying process requires a clean space.

© 2017, Bee Falcon, Desert Wind Magic

July 19th, 2017

Keep Courage & Keep Up The Dream!

My favorite line from the card “Courage” in the Osho Zen Tarot deck is ”The flower shows us the way of its passion for life.” The message here is of the seed’s evolution into the flower. In its journey from darkness to the light, the seed’s experience is somewhat similar to our own. This is especially true when we are faced with a challenge to confront and move beyond what we know for our soul’s growth. The message of the card acknowledges how in its personal path of transformation into a flower, the seed courageously exchanges its secure hard shell for the opportunity to transform into a soft sprout. This is a precarious & risky trade off, but a necessary stage to grow into a flower. Sometimes the next step or steps we experience after we decide to transform our lives somehow, manifest as a “sprouting” phase. This fragile time can make us question why we even moved to change from a place of strength or comfort in the first place. The path of seed into flower isn’t easy. Change for one’s evolution entails often sacrificing something that which we have grown comfortable, but may not be in the highest good for our core truths to take shape on the physical plane of existence.

In order to grow takes not only strength & courage, but a willingness to be in the dark to experience the light. Leaving a job with a fancy title in order to live in a setting more conducive to one’s soul growth however challenging, giving up a long-held habit or addiction, taking up a spiritual path that those we know don’t understand, committing to a daily routine that supports whole health, or stepping into a role that requires more inner confidence & trust in one’s self, can each be similar to the journey of the seed that seeks to blossom into a flower. This journey often signifies moving from our comfort zones into the unknown. And the message of this card reminds us that when we feel the impulse to evolve, despite the dangers along the path of evolution, nothing seems more real than the “dream” to fulfill a calling or to realize a potential.

On July 22nd, the sun moves into the constellation of Leo, which also corresponds to the energy of this card. This is a time to summon courage & inner strength in order to unite force & form, to give it our best, & shape the potential of our innermost calling. This time aligns with our ability to bravely take the steps that will mark our destiny’s passageway into the outer limits, to the back o’ beyond into the unknown. If you are guided to do this, trust in the process, even though you may as the seed be in the dark. May the flame of your passion keep courage, be strong, & be bright!

© 2017, Bee Falcon, Desert Wind Magic

June 4th, 2017 Empowered Language & Assumptions It Can Contain

Many catchy Facebook posts reveal potent axiomatic truths these days in the age of empowered language, namely that our thoughts attract specific frequencies & realities. (And personally I believe every thread of messages like  “not owning a disease” & that “self-identification through talk of disease increases it” to be true, for me, that is.) Though lately I am realizing these truths may not apply to everyone. After all, our brains are each unique in their expression & processing.

Messages like those mentioned above do share a compelling fact that identifying with a disease via thought and language shapes & institutes neural pathways that impact & help us to organize our realities. Recently, I’ve had my own assumptions about these truths shaken, though. I’ve been working as a Recovery tech to be able to live & do meaningful work in Taos, while pursuing my healing vocational work & creative dreams. This work is new territory for me: reading vitals instead of auras; lending an ear more so than giving a consult.

At my day job, I assist people who are confronting addiction head on, & there I have learned that Cognitive Behavioral therapy practices do not always work as well with addiction/ or people living with addictions. CBT practices kind of contradict the Recovery model which in practice, participants identify their “I AM” with the disease. While my initial & true reaction is to be careful with giving my “I Am” or power to a disease, this practice in Recovery does work powerfully in healing for a number of folks in the throws of addiction. It meets them where they most need to be acknowledged and met in their healing process.

I felt compelled to blog about this because CBT techniques are so prevalent in the metaphysical healing field in which my path as an energy healing facilitator resides. Not only have CBT techniques made miracles for me, I use them when providing energy readings and healing services to clients. Lately, I am realizing though, to be more mindful that these techniques might not work as well for everyone, especially if they are living with an addiction, and presently in AA or NA Recovery.

What does this mean for Desert Wind Magic Reiki & Healing Services? This insight encourages me to be more persistent in requiring initial consultations & a holistic assessment with each new client to get a sense of which services will best meet the person & match their energies. Sometimes we just know, but I find myself agreeing more & more with the “Don’t make assumptions” phrase from The Four Agreements for a Better Life these days.

On a deeper level for me personally, it also means shedding an older identity that I needed during years of work as an off the sidewalk psychic–a truly awesome experience, yet in my pre-Reiki years an also draining experience. Cold reads entail just knowing & being a “spot-on” psychic reader who picks it all up without needing to ask. I feel this new approach of gathering info prior to a session will offer a wider scope in healing, empower the people benefiting from this beloved work even more, & finally help me as healing facilitator in the conundrum that goes with the territory, that is: maintaining a well balanced energy field too. 🔥🌟🔥

© 2017, Bee Falcon, Desert Wind Magic

May 14th, 2017

Some Thoughts on Individual & Group ‘Intentions’ & ‘Intent’

The word “Intention”  indexes  the power desire & thought have in the process of manifestation. After several fortuitous turns of events within a Reiki community I am part of, and the work opportunities that surfaced over the last few months, this card specifically beckons me to reflect on the the people in my life who just by being who they are & doing what they love, support my dreams becoming reality.

When individual intentions align and ordain into a collective intent, our powers to manifest compound exponentially. “The power of intent,” is a phrase coined in the Carlos Castaneda books, an account of the author’s apprenticeship with Yaqui Seer don Juan, emissary of the Southern Seer tradition. The power of intent speaks to me of what is guided into being by pure desire and the process of being lucid enough to act on intuitions prompted by that desire. Intention is a somewhat subtler and milder phase in the process of manifestation in that it is the result of what forms from pure desire & thought. Group intent, perhaps the strongest of all, also referred to as ‘the hundredth monkey phenomenon,’ occurs as our dreams align with the collective dream.

Perhaps you recognize specific people in your life already in which your powers to manifest are increased? If so, what do you manifest together? Is it mutually beneficial, or maybe on the flip-side, is it harmful? If you have not yet found a supportive group network to manifesting your dreams for the greater good, maybe it is time to explore what about this life you love in further depth. Where is that celebrated? Where is that abhorred? To follow the path illumined by the passionate compassionate heart, hold watch over your thoughts at present… notice where they stem from. What may need more room to grow? And what may need clearing in order for what you desire to come to fruition?

© 2017, Bee Falcon, Desert Wind Magic

March 7th, 2017

Meditating with the Crown Chakra for Peace & Clarity

One way to strengthen awareness of this chakra, is to tone with the crown chakra seed mantra sound AUM.

You can use the Gian mudra, bringing thumbs and Jupiter fingers together, and resting hands palms facing upward on your lap. The Crown or Sahasrara chakra helps to access the divine body in which we can feel ourselves in connection with the Source and light of creation. Take a minute to visualize and sense this expanded subtle divine body at the outermost layer of your energy field. Afterwards notice how you feel.

Next imagine a gentle soothing light above the crown chakra. With each breath, bring this light through the crown chakra into your head & then downward throughout your physical body. Take a few minutes to notice where there may be resistance in the body to the light coming in from above the crown chakra & also note where in the body this light flows freely.

Know that you can work with this chakra to connect with Source in your own time, throughout the week, month and year to envision this support, to release worry and attachments of the ego mind. Connecting with the crown chakra in the morning, or whenever is easiest during the day, allows us to recall that we don’t have to go it alone, & that we are always connected to the Source of life that extends beyond the physical plane of the universe.

All we have to do is desire to have this connection, to sense this Divine spark within each of us, and we will find strength and support within & without. Blessings!


January 31st, 2017

“Tune into Your Highest Frequency & the Rest Will Follow”

Today’s blog is short & just a little reminder to take time each day away from stress, anger, and arguments (which are necessary sometimes, especially these days to fuel change.) Though one thing that can help us to break away from the stress of it all, no matter what side you’re on, is to remember & visualize the light within that animates us. Inevitably the more attention we give to this internal light (through breath, mental focus, sensing through emotion or physical feeling) it will strengthen & reach outward into the confusion. This inner fire provides a beam of clarity that can give us a break from the polarizing arguments & help us to bring constructive solutions to light & to imagine peace where it is most needed. Some call this energy Reiki, others call it prana, and others name it Spirit. Whatever it may be, it helps to remember this resource we each have because it allows us to connect with our emotional creativity & purify our intents. Our emotions are the strongest language we can communicate as humans. And this is not to say don’t take a side on the political issues that impact us, our planet, and all life here… This is just a  little reminder to tune into your highest frequency via breath, prayer, music, or Reiki & the rest will follow. Be the Light~


January 4th, 2017

For the next three months, be on the lookout for my weekly card readings/or meditations on Desert Wind Magic’s Facebook page. Monthly articles will still be posted (around the end of each month.)

Blessings! ~Bee



December 31st, 2016

Notes From 2016

& New Year Resolutions for Balancing the Warrior & the Healer within

  When Engaging on Social Media

I miss pre-Facebook life. I joined Facebook & LinkedIn this summer. Engagement in social media, particularly Facebook, has caused me to externalize energies and agonize more at times, yet it has also helped me to connect and rejoice more at times, too. One of the highlights of this participation for me has been realizing my own thoughtforms and emotional undercurrents in a more vivid way. Though at this point, I understand that for me to continue on with Facebook, I need firm self-created guidelines to maintain engagement from the highest possible source for the highest possible good.

I think the effects of the recent new moon in Capricorn, with Pluto in Capricorn too , have spurred on the recognition that social media engagement has caused me to see my own pain. The dialogue makes it easier to sense pain in others too. Lately I really feel the need to be watchful when this pain stirs my voice & my impulse to post.

Using my smartphone as a smartphone is also new for me this year, and I’m still grappling with impulse control . When travelling with a smartphone for work, my self-control on Facebook hasn’t been easy to keep. I don’t take addiction lightly, having battled drug addiction. My addiction to info has been active for about the last fifteen years. When political realities fall in line with my values, it’s more manageable. When they’re not, I can not shake off the need to be involved; so these are the times, addiction or not, self discipline is the only light in the darkness.

Addressing smartphone and news addiction is about as much fun as clearing mold off a wall. Just when we think the worst of these phantoms are over taunting us-they come back in bigger more threatening forms. I guess it’s true, until we confront our issues head-on with our heart wisdom and inner resources, the universe will oblige by replaying these themes and “programs” until we’re willing to look deep into the core of what’s causing them to reactivate in the first place. And once we allow for that deeper look, we must be willing change what must be changed.

At this point, I feel it’s important to mention how practices and techniques in mindfulness have given me more discipline in navigating social media & the devices that amplify social media participation. In the spirit of connecting & sharing they are noted below.

For one, “turn it off.” To be honest, I have my internet wifi and smart phone off most the day, and at most will check them simultaneously five times a day. Still, I feel it’s healthier to check no more than three times a day for me in particular. The realization that I’m not so important that I need to be on-call all the time has helped. This is obviously a different scenario if you are someone paid to be on-call. Anyways, like clockwork, I turn off my smartphone and unplug my computer and wifi every night. I aim to not turn my smartphone or internet on at all at least once per week (unless watching a movie online at night.) The more consistent I am with these practices, the saner I feel, and find the easier it is to break away from all the noise.

Just as important for me has been the intuition that any form of prayer & meditation combined prior to use of social media, helps to balance the warrior and the healer in me . Maintaining balance is particularly pertinent for me prior to engaging in posts that invoke pain, anger, or urgent concerns over human rights due to politics. Since I engage in worldly affairs, and have a physical body, and live on this planet, I believe the following quote to be true: “spirituality without concern for the Earth is hypocritical.” With that in mind, prayer, meditation, yoga, and Reiki do help me to balance out my posts related to a sense of civic duty with the spiritually inspired posts that bring light to issues, uplift the heart, & foster love & respect for life.

Another key point I’ve sensed true to my own well-being is not to aggravate polarities if it doesn’t come from a place of love and cohesion. Something I notice in certain posts is that while I may resonate with their message because they reflect feelings or thoughts I have about someone, to re-post them might polarize the issue even more especially if the act of re-posting comes from a place of judgement rather than acceptance. I find myself sometimes re-posting political petitions or news that do take a side because of the immediate impact it can have on first amendment rights, political outcomes, & lives. So again it’s all about striking a balance. In the spiritual realm, I seek posts that are all inclusive with messages of unity, love, and reflection on shadows. Namely if they address what’s internal &unconscious in each of us ,and don’t simply point externally at the “other,” to my mind, they fit the bill.

The list of rules I build for myself regarding Facebook participation keeps growing. Another new one is taking the time to realize where the need to “like” stems from in me (is it genuine enthusiasm or is it an extension of the urge to placate and belong?) Another self-created rule I’ve made for myself is to assess whether a) the impulse to share a post & stir it up is helpful or b) is it best to do nothing, just be & contribute to stillness?

Even during the act of writing this article, I realize it may all-too-easily seem like I’m a know-it-all… and that I think I know best. Not the case. These are simply guidelines I’ve noticed that work for me. In no way do I desire to minimize the fact that each of us has unique ways that will work best for each one of us personally. Nor do I seek to convey that I am perfect in terms of social networking etiquette,—being pretty hermetic except when working in service for others, or unless around my spouse, and a few other of my favorite folks, I could win a prize for being socially awkward. The fact that the issue of “Facebooking” has been a big source of stress for myself and others over recent years is what inspires the sharing here. If you know astrology, the recent new moon & Pluto in Capricorn, and my having lunar/moon placement in Capricorn, has activated the problem-solver inclination in me to the point of obsession. 

Finally, the Facebook news feed has only further added to distractions I already had as a writer. Engaging on Facebook as with any of the other distractions (long aimless conversations or Internet) prior to five -ten minutes of prayer/moving meditation & then writing takes energy away from one’s creative flow & works to follow.

The Zen concept of one mind conquering “many minds” can be a helpful way to approach the changes we seek to create in our lives. Most of all, what I miss about pre-Facebook life is being a quieter presence. Yet since I am participating in the “game of life,” in part through Facebook , it’s even more crucial to find that quiet presence in myself (neutrality of words, thoughts, & emotions) more now than ever. After all, I feel my higher purpose is to be peaceful, & to help facilitate balance, & fairness in the world (and in that order.) Even if just for five minutes a day, forms of mediation & prayer, at the same time of day can effect change for the long-haul (see Uplift article by Helen Noronha © 2016 on practice of Kaizen.)

Wishing All Many Blessings in 2017~ Be the Change! ¡Animo!

© 2016, Bee Falcon @ Desert Wind Magic



November 27th, 2016

Prophecy Wake Up Call!”

Over the recent years throughout the globe, and currently ringing loud & clear in US, has been a spiritual-cultural-ecological-political-psychosocial wake up call alarming at all levels, & challenging us to grow up fast.

Last month I told a teacher and friend how the Standing Rock water protectors gave me hope in humanity. This friend, a medicine-wise woman elder, responded after a deep pause, “This has all been prophesized.” Seconds later she had to go, and we hung up. Her abrupt goodbye gave me ample time to ponder those words. She isn’t the first I’ve heard of this prophesy from– this has been foretold by the Lakota Sioux wisdom keepers, the Tibetan wisdom keepers, and other medicine people of South, Central, & North America. (Probably those reading this have heard or read about this information in other parts of the world as well).

Nearly three weeks post-presidential election, I have to say, despite the odds against those of us seeking internal and external changes to better our relations to all of Life, the hope is still there. I still have hope that out of the oppositions and contentious energies being brought forward through multimedia outlets, we will revise or “reprogram” this reality in a way that supports and upholds the integrity of life, and all living species’ right to clean water and a healthy environment.

I stand in support of the water protectors at the cost of alienating people I care about deeply (family members with deep political divides, friends who don’t care for people voicing political opinions all the time because it is more stress than they can handle, business-minded acquaintances or more even-tempered energy/light-worker acquaintances who prefer to hold congenial space and tend to avoid political discussions.) Where each of us is with this is part of our own unique journey & we all have something to share. Despite battling the judgmental side I possess (& that still possesses me,) I’ve really been aiming to let it go, because it’s not for me to judge where another is at, and it really doesn’t get anything accomplished other than upset and hurt. At the deepest level, we are all playing our parts & they all have significance. This is not to say that I haven’t been willing to fight for what I value—quite the contrary.

Eckhart Tolle, has described integrating the spiritual and the practical areas of life as challenges that can be best encountered by becoming conscious of what is unconscious. I think this can be particularly challenging for every one of us in unique ways. When making a living as an energy healing facilitator, behavioral health worker, or counselor, dealing with sharp feelings of anger with the status quo and political processes can break the peace we seek to beam into the world and into the work we love to do. The need to know what’s happening in the news hasn’t stopped my devotional practices, though it’s caused them to be choppier and more abbreviated recently. And at this point (which I sense is a breaking point on many dimensions,) I must ask myself, really truly, where is the best place to direct my energies? Today in meditation, my body hinted to me to prioritize around what comes from within. Also known as “The Looks Within Place,” as Brooke Medicine Eagle has called it, when referring to her healing workshops that incorporated teachings of the Lakota Sioux wisdom tradition.

This was a wake up call for me, a reminder to remain in prayer longer from the time I wake up in the morning prior to engaging in internet or other communications. Prayer combined with Reiki has helped in the past for me to stop my mind, specifically its fears; furthermore prayer and Reiki help to engage with the political reality taking shape from the broadest possible plane of existence, with the highest possible outcome in vision. (Remember nothing is set in stone, our thoughts are energy & they do impress upon 3D reality.)

Fractal Recursivity” is a concept developed in mathematics, and in linguistic anthropology this concept is used to describe how symbolic patterning can and does inform and imbue one dimension of life to the next. This brings to mind the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence—that which is happening on one dimension is happening on another. With all that is happening in the world, making more of an effort to unify disparate parts of self, as the Buddhists and Tantric yogis and yoginis have done for many centuries by aligning body and mind, helps to stop the branching chaos (& the karmas it perpetuates.) Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, martial arts, or dance prior to communicating at a mundane or political level, can help us find that refuge we seek within and remind us to project the highest vision into the etheric & physical dimensions (as these activities awaken us and act as bridges to higher consciousness.)

When there are injustices being brought to light, when we are all having a massive wake up call in the collective consciousness, I completely empathize that it is hard to remain at peace all the time (if I can manage half the day, it’s an all right day.) As don Miguel Ruiz says in referencing teachings of the Toltec wisdom tradition, just “do your best.” Keep your engagement with the inner and outer worlds in a balance that is most natural to your biological rhythms. By “keeping it real” we can combine spiritual understanding with practical understanding to collapse and transform what is no longer working into something viable “for the highest good of all,as the Buddhists pray. And thank you, thank you, thank you for all the hope you give—especially those giving their All at Standing Rock and those standing up for human rights here and at places elsewhere in the world  where similar issues are in check. On a practical idealist level, I promise to see the humanity in you– for you are that Seer of the humanity in me-reflecting back our mutual vision. On the highest level, Namaste~

*Tibetan Dorje Symbol by artist Susun Lovit. Contact for ordering inquiries.

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November 15th, 2016

What Can We Transcend?

William Lee Rand from the International Center for Reiki Training just sent out a letter to all Reiki practitioners “Dealing with the United States Election” reminding us that “It is important for us to use this situation to heal ourselves more deeply. When a negative event affects us, it tends to re-stimulate unresolved emotional distress that we have stored inside.”
This week has been truly trying as I have gone into protective defense mode to fight for what I love and value. During this I said some things to a couple of people very close to me that may cause pivotal relationships in my life to change for quite some time. I’m still confused, because during this last full moon I acted a fool, and went into a deep fear-based pattern. I trust that it was meant to be, though. The good that came out of this cloud of anger and confusion was that it brought to light my own shadow.
William Lee Rand’s words contain elevating information because his message, like many practitioners who work with subtle vibrational energy, is a reminder that our thoughts and words are energy and these can recreate what we seek to flea (fight, freeze, or fawn.)
Based on my recent experience, my advice at this time is to balance out the news you read, put more attention to elevating information than to that addressing the current reality to stay in touch with your power to create change for the best. When you do this you are more prepared to face the reality of US political climate news from a neutral heart and mind; that’s when we can send prayer, Reiki, and envision the highest and best good in the outcome regarding the headlines. But at the same time don’t bury your less than desired feelings– let anger and fear be acknowledged, let it be released, and transmuted into fuel to reach your highest truths. Blessed Be All~
**Cadeceus Symbol Wall Art by Susun Lovit. Available for purchase on the online store of this website under “Mystical Art for Inner Alchemy”

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October 5th, 2016

Thyme, Some Thoughts on Multiple Timelines, Soul-Journeying, Connecting with Ancestral Roots, & Healing…



The change of leaves, the falling away of what was, encourages us to turn inward to that inner dwelling place that connects us to what has come to pass in the home of our souls before we can better understand who we are & who we are becoming.


As I sort through a friend’s gift of dried Thyme from her herb garden (I love it for soups,) I recall how she told me it used to be used as an incense to gain safe passage from one world to another after a person died. How appropriate for the fall, the season where the natural world speaks of time’s passage more clearly than any other season.


Different seers with whom I communicate in the intuitive field have spoke recently of how the transformative energy of Kali (Goddess of the Dance of Time) is quite present this year, at this present time especially. I would have to agree with that observation. More than ever, our day-to-day life, with Internet obligations making us busier than ever, causes us to disassociate from more organic & timeless interactions. These seemingly necessary online tasks pull us into divergent frequencies of time.


Timelines can intersect just in the different survival activities we do each morning. I know I’m not alone in this either. Times are wild, & how we all manage to “Keep Calm” doesn’t seize to amaze me. For one, my spouse & I live in a rural area with only wood from the wood-burning stove to keep us warm, which we’re saving for late Oct, so I presently wear a fleece jacket, knit hat, heavy socks, and leggings while here at the computer. The activities of keeping warm and communicating pull me in different “timelines” the pre-industrial era & the post-space era (communicating at the speed of light or is it faster?) It just astounds me, how centuries intersect in daily life each morning. And then I think of friends off the grid, with no electricity, and find myself in awe of them…


Thyme’s homonym, “Time” has been a common “discussion thread” in the metaphysical field this year & prevalent topic of discussion for you Sci Fi geeks for many years, (just ask my spouse about time travel, alternate timelines, his take on last season’s Dr. Who– usually a quiet man, he will talk your ear off for at least an hour–guaranteed.)


Time is non-linear in the realms of our ancestors, the soul, and the Akashic field. One way we can feel rooted in who we are, & simultaneously cleanse from all these timelines gabbing for our attention is to recollect through shamanic soul journeying. Journeying allows a person to reconnect with the planet, reconnect with the body’s wisdom & one’s roots, & to identify strengths & weaknesses that prevent one from moving forward. Journeying is also a way to send distant healing beyond time & space to ancestral realms of the human family and/or to members of one’s family without even telling them!


Fall is a perfect time for re-connecting with your roots, the template of your ever-wise soul & for sensing its energy patterns to gain access to missing pieces of the puzzle that the soul’s memory has retained in its many passages. 

Please contact to schedule a shamanic soul journey session. *Please note, I will be in Sedona, AZ from Octobe 29th-November 11th. To schedule in-person in Sedona, please schedule through Mystical Bazaar at  

Wishing All Peace, Love, & Light~

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September 29th, 2016


September 6th, 2016

People often ask me about what their life purpose is during intuitive counseling sessions.  One of the first steps to better  align with a sense of purpose is to have the clarity that a heart empty of expectations has; this helps to see through mental fog & illusions of self-importance. Feeling connected to one’s life purpose is a positive, cohesive way to make sense of life because purpose has potential to bring a better awareness to what is fulfilling simultaneously with what you as a person have to offer the world. There are a few important things however that I feel necessary to address before engaging with a client in a life purpose counseling session.

A) I believe this answer about life purpose has to come from within,  that is why the life purpose reading I offer is a counseling session, one in which I hold empathic space while the person works with crystals and a map of the subtle bodies to gain better clarity in this regard. Also, I believe that B) life purpose is often something we cannot see or anticipate directly; that to have a purpose or calling entails an acceptance of the unknown, or the Mysteries, & that C) the best way to connect with a purpose is to be pure and simple in our intents. If this session sounds like one that will help you to gain clarity in your purpose & life’s direction, please contact to schedule.

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Below is a link to an article written by Siri-Gian Kaur of, posted today at online Kundalini Yoga Community & Center for Higher Learning, Soul Answer University, that highlights the life of Mother Theresa who lived a life of great purpose.  I find the words in the article helpful in discerning what is purposeful in vocation especially for humanitarians, lightworkers, or anyone seeking to bring more peaceful relations into the world.

See article titled, September 6, 2016 & April 22, 2008 Get Your Destiny NOW!-accessible by the link below:

© 2016 Soul Answer


August 31st, 2016

Sometimes I will post interesting events coming up in the metaphysical community.  Janisel of Sananda’s Eagles will be facilitating a 4-week Cosmic Telepathy Course beginning September 11th and running through October 2nd–if interested see the information regarding the course and sign-up instructions below. Infinite Blessings 🙂 ~B

Info about the course from Janisel:  I have been asked by Ashtar to facilitate a 4-week course on Cosmic Telepathy.  Presented will be the basic and necessary information which was first given to our sister Tuella by Ashtar and others of the Command.  This information was originally set up in a study group format and, although it would normally take twelve weeks to complete, Ashtar has recommended it be presented, instead, in 4 consecutive weeks since much of the information that was first given is now more widely known and accepted.  Although many might think of ‘telepathy’ and ‘channeling’ as being one and the same phenomena, there is a distinct difference.  In channeling, one might find that, at the end of the transmission, there is little if any recall of the information coming through. Or, the information came through in what is termed ‘light packets’ which then need to be put into ‘words’.  Hence, the use of tape recorders, typing at the keyboard, or writing the information on paper.  Telepathy, on the other hand, is more of a ‘hearing’, a clear and direct conscious link between two minds, and is what all should be striving for to gain a clearer understanding of their guidance.

Given the rollercoaster ride we will be on this year, it is vital that everyone learn the skill of telepathy… which is our inherent birthright.  Therefore, in hopes of accommodating as many as possible, the Church of Sananda’s Eagles will be facilitating Ashtar’s classes on Cosmic Telepathy.  The classes will be held in the chat room.  The total cost for the four weeks of classes is only $44 and may be paid through check or money order made out Church of Sananda’s Eagles, or by credit card online at using the e-mail address as the ‘send to’ address PayPal will ask for.  All payments must be received prior to September 11th.  Time will be announced later.  Email me at to register.


August 25th, 2016

The online Kundalini Yoga Community, Soul Answer, offers some very helpful reminders for finding peace & the Spirit within during these times. Excerpt below from:

From Siri-Gian Khalsa:

 Yogi Bhajan gave us some very direct and practical advice for living in the Aquarian Age!


Keep Up!


1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off.
4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.

 © 2016 Soul Answer

August 5th, 2016

“The Universe is Mental!”

It is easy to feel this way when we forget our underlying intentions and when so steeped in an age laden with information. Even as I write this, I can’t help but see my motivation at a basic survival level being ego-driven to maintain an authentic voice in the multicursual word (& multi-media) maze these times pose. In the past it took most of my energy to summon the courage to voice my personal truths; nowadays though, it seems I put more effort into allowing for patience in speech, stillness, generosity in attentiveness, and making space to hear subtle truths within conversations and silence.

In many ways writing has been a spiritual path, one that helps to refine base drives in my life & as well as a lamplight guiding me to my core or “center in the midst of conditions.” (*This latter sentiment in quotes was expressed in Mesoamerican wisdom teachings, as noted in John Van Auken’s research.) In its purest form, what compels me to write and to analyze language is beyond the ego’s basic needs; it is the desire to share, heal, and to create more peace in the world.

Recently after this New Moon in Leo, and after revisiting a general intent to be clearer on what drives me, I feel I don’t have to force “stillness,” just to be more open to what is there on the motivational level, specifically in my solar plexus region. And although the efforts haven’t created a sense of all being perfect in the world, they have helped me to reconnect with & rejoice in the place where my original intents are undivided.

Tips for Reconnecting to Original Intents

One way to maintain alignment with an intent we have set is to ask ourselves the reasons motivating the intent. Almost always intents are motivated by some form of love & passion, even if warped into emotions that seem far removed from love. For example, sometimes our motives become dimmed or scattered to the winds of thought, the individual mind & collective energies of fear, measurement, and competition. Sometimes our intents cause us to be myopic. Making more room to take in and enjoy life experiences, the insights shared by and appreciated with others, & the talents of those you admire, close and distant, can help to remove feelings of lack, the need to over-compensate, measure, to prove abilities to others, or even the need to censor personal truth/s.

Mudra to Realign with Intent

Below is a mudra card from Alison DeNicola’s brilliant deck “Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body”  Each mudra in the deck is beautifully illustrated by artist Sabina Espinet. I find that this mudra, too, can help to bring recollection back to the pure source of intent. *Note: the author Alison DeNicola suggests using caution with hypertension.



© 2016 Desert Wind Magic

Mid Summer-Late July-2016

Alternate 3rd Eye Prayers for Healing

Our words go out into the atmosphere and affect the reality we are creating. In our lives, in the news, and in recent social and political tensions, it can be so easy to come undone or to feel derailed by the transitions playing out in the cosmos, on Earth, the global community, and in the US recently. When there is societal unrest, we can make split-second decisions in a moment of despair. I have difficulty biting my tongue witnessing the political climate here in the midst of the US presidential campaign season. Desperation and acting out of desperation isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it is recognized as a factor you work with in your reality. Acting out of desperation is often linked to survival. Taking a look at where desperation may be present in language can help to realign with a sense of acceptance. And just being honest with oneself and accepting what is, even if far from ideal, resets the internal light on to guide your way more clearly . The Serenity prayer can help to access a sense of peace within to help release any unwanted desperation that could be driving you unconsciously. The Serenity prayer helps to let go of a need to know, it fosters an acceptance of the Mystery of life, and it encourages us to embrace our abilities to respond to change. (“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”) In the midst of summer, when everything ripens, we can get a sense, through the lens of the land surrounding us, how we are in our lives at the moment. Maybe we have let chaos reign, or perhaps we’ve embraced the chaos? Or could it be that there is an orderliness or sense of control there in the cultivated land? Take a deeper look at what the land around you speaks to, & invite its wisdom into your third eye awareness. See where it supports your health, and where it may not.

A Mudra for “Being in the Moment”

Lay your left hand on your lap with fingers together & palms facing upward. Rest your right hand in your left with right fingers together and facing up as well. Let your thumbs touch. Sit with a straight spine, shoulders back, and feet resting comfortably on the Earth. Connecting within through this mudra can free the mind from thought distractions & helps to release worries about the future.

© 2016 Desert Wind Magic


Mid May-Beltane-2016

Healing with the Chakras

When you start to work with energy consciously, there are no coincidences. Engaging in an energy practice of your own awakens the keys within to open the doors to healing. That is, when you heal with the creative power within, you are able to shift your emotional, cognitive, & physical frequencies and create from true desires that support whole health.

Working regularly with the chakras can be a cathartic tool to truly engage in a deep healing energy practice. For years I have had the joy of doing work I love: work centered around teaching others to heal with ancient energy techniques. From my experience, teaching about the chakra system is rewarding because it awakens us to inherent tools we have. These inherent tools greatly empower a person to facilitate energetic healing and to take personal responsibility for one’s well-being.

The chakra readings I offer are based on years of daily participation in kundalini & shamanic breathwork techniques, an intensive study of yogic texts, and good ole’ intuition. Many people to whom I’ve offered chakra readings have concluded that these are the most comprehensive sessions I offer. The reason these sessions are popular are because many ancient tools are introduced and explored that the recipient can then intuitively carry into their daily life to bring more balance to their own energy fields, relationships, and environments.

Recently, I did a chakra reading and balancing for an intuitive lady who usually requests for me to read her cards.  After the session, she contacted me about feeling intense pressure in her head whilst she processed some heavy unresolved emotions that had been “unlocked” in her sacral area. Below are some techniques I shared with her for dealing with the head pressure.

Tips for dealing with headaches or migraines from energy & empathic work

Breathwork for Managing Head Pressure

If head pressure ever comes up for you when doing any releasing or other type of energy work, breathwork can move/transmute the energy to release the head pain. I recommend breathing through the nose while connecting breath with the area below the navel for half a minute and then breathing from the nostrils while connecting with the pranic pathway from the throat up through the top of the head for half a minute. Bowing your head, so the blood flows to the brain for a minute or so; or massaging your head, helps too, when energy moves forcefully from the lower chakras.  Also circling your neck gently to the left, inhaling as you tilt your head to the left, exhaling as you move it back and to the right can help to alleviate head pressure. You can do this as long as necessary.

Gestures & Creative Imagery for Managing Head Pressure

Sometimes when there are too many thoughts conflicting around an issue, that leads to head pressure; this can also occur if releasing energy from the emotional/creative centers and the crown isn’t fully open. One thing you can consciously do, is to direct the energy downward w/ the root chakra mudra (the one where you point the right and middle finger down to the Earth & place the ring, pinkie, & thumb together, to transmute unwanted energies for healing purposes.) Always say a little prayer of thanks to la Tierra when you do this.

Finally, remember, if you engage in any kind of energy activating work, be mindful & hold reverence to the fact that working with the chakras encourages the movement of what Genevieve Lewis Paulson refers to as “evolutionary life force energy.” *Paulson’s book, “Kundalini & the Chakras” is a remarkably helpful book that offers numerous exercises for working consciously and cautiously with the chakras.

From my own energy practice experience, on self & with others, when our crown chakras aren’t open enough, that leads to head pressure, too. Connecting with your crown chakra by visualizing a white light bringing you into unity with all Life in the universe can help you feel reverence; that is, this act of awareness can help you to find support in All that is, & to let go of the self-important drive to control what is beyond our grasp. This visualization/imaging action can simultaneously relieve inflammation and pressure in the head.

And if that doesn’t alleviate it, an old faithful technique to rid head pain that a powerful medicine woman shared with myself and many people who do empathic work for a living, is to take an Epsom salt or any kind of sal de mar bath. This helps greatly to release head pain by dipping hair/crown in the warm salty water. And always say a little prayer of thanks to the element of water when doing this….

If you are interested in learning more about modalities that help to shift consciousness, to release emotional baggage, and to engender new creative life patterns in your daily life, I offer energy consultations, spiritual counseling,  chakra healing, and restorative breathwork sessions. Contact me at with inquiries about services or to schedule.

The ‘Reflections’ section of this website is to provide some helpful healing tips for all, but is specifically dedicated to anyone seeking info or guidance who can’t afford to pay for a reading. If you are moved to make a donation, I am most grateful.  Please use the button below. Millones de gracias 🙂

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Spring 2016

“Grow with what’s in the immediate”

Happy belated Equinox and Easter holidays to all who celebrate these traditions!

Spring is a time of the year most aligned with bringing forth new creations in our lives. The light of the sun grows in strength each day, weighing equally with the darkness of night as the element of fire demonstrates its powers to transform the world in which we live.

This is also a time where I find myself most motivated to clear away old plant debris in the garden. At first, when I’m cleaning the garden areas, I feel overburdened by the dead leaves, twigs, and branches in the yard. I worry about how well the plants will grow this year, & have many thoughts of how I “could have” cleared the old stuff better during the fall. However, something about the crisp early morning light of spring helps to eradicate bleak & annoying thoughts of “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve…” In fact, that morning light can be medicinal when working with it intentionally to clear emotional energy patterns set in motion by negative thinking.

In my opinion, I am fortunate to live in a rural area. Since I must go outside, even before making coffee or tea, prayer to the elements feels completely natural. Nearly five years ago, I had the good fortune to meet and befriend a medicine woman from the Navajo nation whose way of life impressed upon me the realization that prayer is as natural a pattern of life as any, especially in activities related to health, well-being, and survival. Prayerful life is emphasized in many of the enduring cultural practices where I have lived, in rural Mexico, in Sedona, AZ, and now, near Taos, NM.  As a person who places trust in the Spirit of Life, a trust that permeates all other layers of my existence, I guess I gravitate toward the kind of places where arbitrary divisions between “spiritual life” and “making a living” disappear. I feel I still have a lot to learn from these places, where these divisions between “sacred” & “profane” aren’t so instituted; where ,when it comes to the raising of crops, plants, or engaging in other creative activities, dedicated prayer connecting to an inspired awareness of All is involved.

If you think about it, prayer usually is an embodied practice. And praise can be practical when our our bodies’ senses are present.  This union of body, mind, and spirit during prayer reshapes our energy fields. The energy of prayer is so refreshing, allowing us to gauge our survival needs from the ground up, and enabling us to grow more integrally with what’s in our immediate.  As our energy fields are cleared of blockages during prayerful activities, our changed frequencies can more easily interface with the integrity of the planet/Mothership to manifest what is needed for integral whole health and for healing the many dimensions of our lives, relationships, and environments.

~ Rejoice & Be Well 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about modalities that help to shift consciousness, clear unwanted energy patterns, and create new patterns of growth in daily life, B offers energy consultations, life-direction guidance,  chakra healing, and restorative breathwork sessions. Contact B at with inquiries about services or to schedule.

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Winter Solstice 2015

During the darkest night of the year, we may reflect on whether we have addressed our goals too passively or too forcefully. It is easy to get head-strong when we are seeking to manifest something we desire so much, that we actually thwart our ability to receive such blessings we ask for by getting in the way of them happening. We are putting out mixed messages asking our higher power for help, & then we turn around to doubt the universe’s ability to provide when we replay & replay over & over what our issues are.

A helpful way to redirect your attention is to visualize the solution, knowing that what we ask for can come about in unexpected ways. Otherwise, if we become too fixed in our ideas or perspective, it becomes all too easy to doubt even potentially hidden gifts and subtle passages of opportunity that life reveals to us. When we doubt constantly, we put our lives on hold.  This is not to underestimate the importance of re-evaluating ourselves and our decisions sometimes, though. 

There may be things that need to be re-evaluated in order to create more growth in the desired direction, and working with your own heart’s wisdom is essential. It’s helpful to remember that it just takes time for some things to take root and be actualized in this 3D reality we all too often perceive as the only reality.

Take time to be with & appreciate who you are in the present. Seek the wisdom within your heart to see and then make steps to transcend anything that pits you against yourself. Blocks like this have something to offer, a teaching, and are ready to reveal to you solutions. Remember, we also need to be ready to take action on these solutions and insights, too.  

As this year’s cycle completes, notice if there are any conflicts in your life that may be creating a sense of duality or all-or-nothing thinking within your being at present?

Maybe it’s time to see above perceived conflicts and seek to unify two apparently opposed ideas or things in your life? Or maybe it’s time to loosen your grip on one of these ideas?

Many wise people have echoed the sentiment to ‘Be who/what you are seeking within yourself & the immediate.’ That advice always helps to clarify and bring sobriety to my thinking. Also seek in your heart the wisdom of who you have been in the past, and how these parts of you (past & present) can help you to see and be practical about who you are becoming.

This time of the year it’s easy to feel down or depressed & that we haven’t lived up to our goals. So asking the hard questions about why we haven’t reached our goals becomes necessary. I know there are goals I have yet to reach, and lately I’ve been wondering why I haven’t gotten to them yet. The feeling of goals being out of reach seems to be most haunting for me at this time of year. I guess that there are some things I’ve postponed too much, or made excuses with, or figured I’d get help from other people or even from my own inner strength in actualizing. Yet many of the goals I desire have yet to come to fruition.

And the essential question I must now ask myself is: Is sticking to these goals still worth the effort? Yes, I would have to say that many of my goals, if not all of them, are still worth the effort. Keeping attention to goals & simultaneously on what I love, enjoy, & am grateful for at present is one of the many arts I have yet to master. Needless to say that art is worth the effort, too; maybe more than any of the other goals.

We are such a heady species.  After all this thinking, I find that thinking about these problems to their bones just creates ghosts for me; and one remedy that has always helped me to get out of a funk has been to tune into my body’s wisdom.

The rewards of what the body and soul can receive when the body is clear of old debris and energy has never seized to astound me. After baking and eating much rich food this holiday season, this next full moon on December 25th, I am doing a mini-cleanse– & that doesn’t mean a fast.

This cleanse is an ancient one. It is called the Full Moon cleanse, and it entails eating raw fruit, mostly raw vegetables, and healthy whole grains, while eliminating caffeine, sugar, alcohol, heavily processed foods, dairy, and meat. Some people stick to the raw fruit & raw vegetables all 24 hours, but I find I need some lentil soup with carrots and celery at the end of the day. If you are serious about trying this cleanse, some words of caution: be mindful of your body’s nutrition needs.

If insight isn’t your cup of tea, be advised, this cleanse may not be for you. This cleanse can aid you in tapping into the beautiful full moon energy, a remarkably intuitive energy that helps to bring genuine guidance in the efforts truest to your heart. Just be sure to eliminate caffeine, sugar, heavily processed starch, & alcohol, meat or dairy for the time you are awake on the day of a full moon. My ancestors used this dietary wisdom to reconnect with whole health in body, emotions/mind, and spirit. Gratefully I received this information from a curandero in Mexico who has generously shared this wisdom with me. This holiday, I want to share it with you.

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Wishing All a Blessed Year!

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Late Summer 2015
Grasshopper…A Spirit of the Season

“Ah Grasshopper…” is an expression from the old Kung-Fu movies I jokingly use when addressing my younger sister (implying to her that I am the elder.) All she can usually say about that is: HA! Anyways, my use of the phrase isn’t exactly to imply that I perceive myself as “the elder” in the situation. Being as stubborn as she is, my sister never sees it that way, either ☺  Though, I truly do see the grasshopper spirit in her.

Briefly, the grasshopper spirit represents to me a being that reminds of the multi-dimensional facets of our lives. The grasshopper energy has always been able to fling me out of a funk and to uplift me out of sometimes frustrating physical, emotional, and mental holding patterns. The grasshopper spirit elevates awareness into more subtle zones of consciousness-expansion by projecting my attention upward into the realms of rhythm and sacred sound.

According to other sources I find very helpful (see end of article,) the grasshopper signifies multi-dimensional aspects of the human condition. For one, it can signify taking a “leap of faith” or a “forward leap” into the unknown in one’s life. And back to my “little” sister— she has always had a forward momentum. I bring her up because she is an example of a person aligned with grasshopper energy in her life-walk, not just for the season. We all have a connection to specific astral forms, one of hers just happens to be the grasshopper. Like the grasshopper, she moves forward by leaps and bounds in her outlook, and rarely moves back. The grass-hoppery advice “to move forward” suits my sis and those who seek her out for her “wize wordz.”

Now, back to rhythm. Rhythm is a principle of Hermeneutic philosophy used to make sense of universal cosmic emanations, levels of creation, the dance of life-informing energy, and patterns in nature. At this time of year, especially at night in the mountains, one can hear the rhythmic vibrations of grasshoppers quite readily. We each have our own unique rhythms. Late summer grasshoppers reach our ears & remind us to access these sacred rhythmic vibrations that create sound from within, as they do.

The grasshopper species being so prolific at this time of year can also be a reminder to folks to create a sacred space for your voice daily. One way to do this could be through use of traditional sacred hymns that are charged by the consciousness of ancients, ancestral realms, and of many living people today (i.e., Psalm 23, the Prayer of Saint Francis, or the Adi Shakti Mantra). You may also decide to create a space that honors your voice by melodic resonant tuning, through writing, or by simply commanding your thoughts to carry authentic words from your core that greet and support what animates all life.

Take note of the time—be it day, afternoon, evening, or night that suits your voice in revealing its truest colors to the world, as this is a time of significant energy for your word creations. And as with all things, be mindful of when this rhythm might shift in you. When the change of seasons approaches, so too do transits occur in your own physical and creative rhythms.

Lastly, with Grasshopper, their ever-growing presence at this time of year can remind us of our growth as a species & to “tread lightly” upon this great planet; to respect all creatures that find Earth home. On the dimension of sound, this “treading lightly” can also signify to be more economical in efforts of expressing yourself and your creativity. Spare your energy by allowing your opinions to be expressed and give the thoughts and words to Spirit that don’t honor what is wholly in your heart. When we acknowledge and harness the magic of words, we lay the groundwork for our natural life pulse to move us beyond where our rational discretions, judgments, and conceptions have taken us before.

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(Both Cinnamon Moon, referencing Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak, & Sister Cyber)


Healing Issues of Polarity

What is meant by the term ‘polarity’?

The principle of polarity acknowledges the fact that every thing has an opposite.
In his book Chakra Healing & Karmic Awareness, Keith Sherwood acknowledges polarity as one of seven key principles at the basis of Hermetic philosophy. Polarity is something we are naturally oriented to through our world’s division into day and night and given our bifocal vision. Polarity, being a matter of opposites enables us to consider binary oppositions in all areas of life and the human condition; in our bodies, language, expression of feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

How does polarity affect the human body, subtle bodies, and energy field?

Polarity impacts us, whether we recognize it or not, in most if not all areas of our lives. In the spring, light and shade, wind and stillness, warm and cold temperatures flux so readily it can be quite a roller coaster on our emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations. This can manifest in conflicted desires, mixed emotions, “black & white” thinking, imbalances in giving and receiving, and changes in weight such as bloating or weight loss.

What activities can help to maintain a balanced energy field?

Awareness of our chakras and subtle bodies can help to heal issues of polarity.
Connecting consciously to your energy field can help balance polarity or at least to make it less of an issue in life. Through meditative practices, we can specifically sense the effects of polarity on our physical forms, subtle bodies, & energy fields.

Below are some techniques to tune into how polarity might manifest in your physical and emotional bodies

Physical Body
Physically, we may notice our bodily temperature changes. As the weather is stabilizing, this can be more erratic in the spring. Pay close attention to your temperature each day. If it is hotter, note which foods, herbs, and beverages can bring coolness to your body and which might exacerbate it. If feeling too cold, it may be a good day to invigorate your body with exercise such as dance or erratic breath work to raise your temperature and stay motivated.

Emotional Body
The second chakra is a powerful starting point to identify what exists on the emotional level, since emotions impact thoughts and feelings and vice versa. Tune into the second chakra, the svadhistana chakra, to sense what emotional patterns you are holding, receiving, and transmitting.

Place your hands gently on the area just below your navel, bringing awareness to your breath and to what is being retained in your emotional body. Once you sense what is there identify what you seek to be feeling. Remember the creative power of words, and how these can affect change, raising the vibrations through redirecting and articulating the emotions you desire to express.

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Reflections from Winter 2015

Meditating on the shadow side can foster a retreat into your natural rhythms & creative flow.

What is meant by the term ‘shadow’ in metaphysical discourse?

The term shadow in metaphysical discourse was popularized in 20th century Jungian psychology. This term referred to the subconscious mind. Since prehistoric times, indigenous medicine people also understood that within each of us subtle planes of shadow and light could be accessed.

How can our shadow side affect our lives?

In the age of information, it can be all too easy for our over-rationalizations to shadow an initial creative impulse with doubt. Language in essence, can shadow an experience, as the act of recounting something is always reflexive, and therefore remains removed from the actual experience being described. However, awareness of the reflexive nature of language can help us to appreciate the creative power of our words & how they shape our thoughts, speech, emotions, and circumstances. What type of atmosphere is your language creating?

How can our shadow side affect others’ lives?

Sometimes we can act as a shadow to other people’s light and vice versa, especially if we ourselves are afraid of what a person could do to us or think about us. Have you ever noticed a shadow dance across someone’s face in an interaction? How did you feel when you noticed that? How did you react? Or perhaps, have you ever noticed a friend or acquaintance waver when you expressed doubt in what they said or were doing? Bringing awareness to how we are “mirrors for each other” in this Aquarian Age can shed light on how sometimes our “mirrors” may be dulled, and may actually project forth a tarnished image of another person’s pure bright light due to our own blocks or attachments.

What are the benefits of tuning into the shadow side?

As long as we are vibrating at a rate that attunes us to the mental universe, where binary oppositions are consciously and unconsciously drawn in the subtle and material worlds, seeing our shadow can benefit us.

The Gospel of the Toltecs: The Life and Teachings of Quetzalcoatl, translated by Frank Diaz is an accounting of the epic journey of Quetzalcoatl, who in being shown his Shadow descends into the lower realms of matter. In this journey, however, he comes to realize his truth and humanity. Mesoamerican traditions focused on the importance of the shadow as a teacher of the human condition. The shadow can help us to see the golden beam that within each of us, ignites. In Psychology and Alchemy, Carl Jung espoused how “extracting” the gold within each of us, we could perceive the gold within others. This act of seeing our own golden ray of light within helps others to see their own gold, as well.

The shadow can guide you to understand unseen forces active in your life. Accessing the shadow side can also illuminate what your personal truth, core values, & ideals are, and what behaviors and choices are needed to align with these. By bringing the light of awareness to the unconscious stuff within our beings, we can move into a fuller experience of the present and into a clearer picture of our destinies. As the saying that stretches across metaphysical wisdom traditions of the East and West goes, we must understand darkness to fully appreciate the light. In witnessing our shadows, we can witness our light.

When are the most natural times to connect with the shadow side?

In the midst of winter, the biological rhythm of nature’s renovation, dormant plant life, and absence of light may lead us into stillness. Winter can be a powerful time to meditate on how our shadow sides can manifest in our personal and social lives.

Astrologically, the Mercury Retrograde, when the planet Mercury appears to be traveling in a retrograde or backwards motion, fosters potent reflections on one’s shadow.

If you live in a warm or tropical climate, another powerful time to connect with the shadow side is during the new moon. (And connecting with the magic of the new moon can be done anywhere on Earth, whatever the season.) The new moon can be a potent time to access the wisdom hidden within the shadow side. Though it should be cautioned, what may come into awareness is not for the faint of spirit. Yet the reward can be great. Connecting to the shadow at this time is going into the Void. This act allows one to see, and if necessary to transmute, any unwelcomed energies by bringing forth a clear and conscious intent.

What can be done with insights received from the shadow?

Take time to ground the insights you receive in this journey with the shadow by writing them down. Any other kind of physical act that helps to bring what you’ve learned from the shadow’s wisdom into your physical daily life works, too. This will serve as a map to guide you to be who you are destined to be, to live how you are destined to live, for the highest good.

Is this something to be done on one’s own?

Not necessarily. If you are feeling that delving into your shadow side is something that will guide you to attain clarity in your life, but want to err on the side of caution, please contact someone you trust to hold space while you do this. This can be done with the facilitation of a counselor, therapist, or healing practitioner that you feel to be in integrity with your goals. You can contact B at for a free consultation.

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