Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions & Reiki Classes

February 2018 Special: Long distance Holy Fire Reiki Healing sessions & 60 minute sessions for month of February are only $35 an hour. Packages are available for Distance Reiki or in-person Reiki Healing sessions as well. Holy Fire Reiki Healing can be a catalyst for deep healing, so be prepared for this possibility. Also, having a few hours to ground & integrate afterwards, & ideally a fairly free day to follow allows for a most fulfilling experience.

For scheduling, please contact Bee at or FB message @desertwindmagic

Intuitive Energy Consultation

This authentic intuitive-spiritual consultation includes an assessment of the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual patterns in a person’s energy field. In this session, you will connect with your energy field & be guided with gentle honest feedback pertaining to your life’s major areas. The purpose of this consultation is to A) help you facilitate a sense of spiritual, mental-emotional, & physical balance, & B) to better realize creative response-ability & inner guidance authentic to your core truths. We can tailor this session to specific questions you may want to address. During the session we may work with hand-analysis, the major chakras & subtle bodies, oracle cards, crystals, restorative breathwork, and mudras to help gain clarity. Intuitive Energy Consultations can be provided in-person, via phone, FaceTime, or Skype. Initial consultation is $35. Contact to schedule. 

Here is the link to a radio interview I did on Thursday October 26th, 2017. It offers a brief glimpse into the journey of Desert Wind Magic  & the Initial Consult that includes the Intuitive Energy Consultation listed above. Blessings!


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**Chakra panel shown above created by artist Susun Lovit from Sedona, AZ.  Available through the online store. For inquiries about ordering a Chakra panel like the one shown in photo on left, contact


Energy Healing Session

The purpose of this session varies from person to person. An energy healing may include an aura-clearing, releasing of unwanted energy patterns, energy-balancing, gentle Reiki treatment, Chakra exploration, Akashic wisdom, or guided imagery for deep relaxation. We also may work with sacred sound, mudras, oracle cards, healing stones, healing oils, and singing bowl depending on the situation. This session can be tailored to a more intuitive-receptive healing experience, as an educational-informative healing experience, or as a combination of both. During this session you can ask any questions you may have about the functions of the Chakras,  the current state of your energy system and subtle bodies, and ways you can work with the healing powers innate to you in your own daily life or healing practice.  Contact to schedule.


Life’s Direction & Purpose Session

This intuitive counseling session is guided for you to reflect & heal through the power & sound of your voice & personal narrative. This session is provided in-person only, in which you also receive support from the sacred directions, your own subtle bodies’ wisdom, and crystals to reflect, heal, & crystallize intent.  Contact to schedule.


Space Clearings

Outdoor or indoor space clearings with energetic consultation of the space provided with suggestions for long-term solutions. *This can be paired with a physical cleaning out of the space, & my supplies are nontoxic (vinegar, homemade five spice oil concentrate, & bon ami.)  Contact for inquiries.


SunflowerDesert Wind Magic Reiki Studies

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki LeveI I Certification  (Schedule is as requested if in Northern New Mexico. The duration of Reiki I Class is approximately 6-8 hrs & can be scheduled over one or two days.) The cost is $85 plus 19.95 for manual if students decide to purchase manual (not required.)

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Level II Certification (Schedule is as requested if in Northern New Mexico. The duration of Reiki II Class is approximately 6-8 hrs & can be scheduled over one or two days.) The cost is $85 plus 19.95 for manual.

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki I & II Certification (Level One & Level Two training can also be scheduled back to back, usually two days in a row.) Cost is $170 plus 19.95 for manual.

***For detailed descriptions of what to expect at each level of Desert Wind Magic Reiki Studies’

Reiki attunement/placement training, please contact, & we will email this information to you.

I am happy to schedule each Level (One or Two) in two parts or over two days that best fit your schedule, as well. Discounts for groups of two or more people apply. Reiki handbooks are included for Usui Holy Fire Reiki I & II class and Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Art/Master class. Certificates issued from the ICRT for Desert Wind Magic Reiki Studies will also be provided for Reiki students at completion of each class. 

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki ART/Master (Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level I & II certification required. Scheduled three days in a row. Approximately 8 hours each day.)

For one person for Level Three, which combines ART(Usui Holy Fire II Advanced Reiki Training) & Holy Fire II Reiki Master Level Class,  the fee is $350.

For ART (Usui Holy Fire II Advanced Reiki Training) by itself, the cost is $200 per person.

For a Holy Fire II Upgrade (Ignition) Experience, for Reiki Masters with Holy Fire Reiki Ignition, The cost is $22 per person.  This is done in person. This upgrade can include certificate for Usui Holy Fire II Level III (Reiki ART/Master.)  Contact to discuss options.

For a Holy Fire II Placement Experience, (this is great if you would like to have this healing essence in addition to Usui Reiki Level One or Two *note the Holy Fire Ignition only occurs in the Reiki Master Initiation.) The cost is $22 per person. This is done in person. This upgrade can include certificate for Usui Holy Fire II Level One or Two, upon request.  Please contact to discuss options.

**Currently I am scheduling Reiki classes as requested in Northern New Mexico. These Reiki classes can be provided in your home, office space, or at a lovely space for healing here in Taos, NM. I am willing to travel throughout the state of NM to offer this training, though please note the cost for travel is an additional $22-38 per training depending on where. I am also available to travel to teach Reiki in Arizona or Southwestern Colorado.


Please contact with any questions and for a free consultation regarding this empowering heart-guided Reiki training. Grace yourself with the gift of gentle transformation on all levels with this subtle yet profound energy healing modality. Namaste~


Group Meditations & Healing Workshops

Chakra Healing Workshop (Learn multimodal healing techniques to strengthen intuition, spiritual practice, and healing practices in this comprehensive three hour workshop.)

Healing with the Chakras Meditation (explore the 7 major chakras for energy awareness & as doorways to healing)

Akashic Healing Mediation  (Explore your soul’s insights into who you have been, who you are now, & who you are becoming)

Heart Meditation for Energy Balancing & Intuition (explore the heart center’s wisdom for balance and deepening intuition)

Body Wisdom Meditation  (Offers insights into energy patterns, helps identify goals for optimal health, & overall energy awareness through restorative breathwork)

Group Dynamics Palmistry Session

*Group Meditation rates are $11 per person. Chakra Healing Workshop is $ 80.00 per person. Group Dynamics Palmistry or Palmistry for groups, contact for details.

** Sunflower panel by artist Susun Lovit from Sedona, AZ. To order, contact Bee at